June 9

Jabber Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re using the instant messaging application Jabber by Cisco, it is likely that you are also working and need a quick way to switch between tasks without using your mouse. Here are the top keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity, or at lease prevent you from moving the mouse.

CMD = means the command/apple key
Opt = means the option/alt key

CMD + / = set focus on main jabber window

CMD + Opt + / = set focus on your call or open chats window

CMD + Opt + [left or right arrow] = rotate through users in an open chat session if more than one is open

CMD + Opt + L = go to file transfers

CMD + , (comma) = go to preferences

Finally, if you are annoyed by the alerts or icon bounces in your dock when a chat member does anything you can change those notifications. Just go to the ‘preferences’ and look for events. Then select the event you want to adjust by modifying its corresponding alert behavior.

April 1

57 Ways To Take Control Of Your Time And Your Life

This is a book review of Jim Meisenheimer’s book 57 Ways to Take Control of Your Time and Your Life.   What a long title, but the book remains succinct in length.

I like how the author redefines time management in this book.  He puts it in a different perspective.  You can not manage time, but you can manage yourself to be more efficient with the use of time.

I really didn’t expect much but a list of tactics used to improve your productivity however this book does more than that.  It goes beyond tactics and includes some strategy, guidelines, and scenarios.  A typical book includes a lengthy introduction, history, inspirations, anecdotes, and even fluff that’s off tangent.  This book does not – it is succinct with almost every page being noteworthy.  It is actually better than a few longer productivity books I could not get into such as “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.

Even though this book focuses around sales talk it is useful for speeding up your day-to-day accomplishments. You’ll find tips  on better planning, delegation, productive traveling, directives, talking with prospects, and semantics.

May 16

So You’re a Creative Genius Now What

Creative Genius Book Cover

A motivational and imaginative story to turn your creativity into business

As a creative business man I’ve experienced similar events this book describes. King is right on many levels of working for yourself and breaks down his analysis into witty and understandable wisdom.

In a way it can be considered therapeutic for artists because King explains how it’s possible to go from depression and anxiety into a happy and profitable lifestyle. He claims you have to have a blend of creative and technical skills to succeed which is absolutely true. However he also suggests that you should do all tasks for a project which contradicts his later chapter on multi-tasking where you lose focus and time switching between tasks. This is actually not efficient as most entrepreneurs will tell you to delegate or outsource trivial tasks.

Screenwriting is briefly mentioned and used as a model to build stories for your art or product because it is the story that sells. Then King goes on to communication and learning from mentors but not how to get them. Freelance work ethics are described well and I would hire him just based on how he explains his workflow. As there are fakers, takers, and makers, it is best to be the maker to create substance and be results-oriented. Unfortunately there are many irrational people which don’t know better which is ridiculously accurate.

He describes Los Angeles creative industry, the types of people in it, and what to expect or actually not to expect. What surprised me the most was his refusal to accept and harness his startup fame as a musician but didn’t explain why. As described in the book, his accomplishments were creating videos, albums, and including popular musicians. Two things however were not as ethical such as his massive internet trolling and setting up a booth at a conference for a fake product to get investors. I could only guess that King may have felt unworthy of his temporary fame or felt rebuffed from his trolling.

I enjoyed reading the part about dealing with difficult clients. The funny mantra written for freelancers: “I work in a mental hospital. When he doesn’t like green snake, I hide green snake.”

November 29

How To Get Your Employees To Implement Any New Policy

in·san·i·ty [in sánnətee]


  1. Lack of reason, or an act of doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.


When you realize it’s time to make a change because something is not working it may be too late!!!  Or is it better later than never.   How about I just tell you?

Policies at a startup business may sound trivial but they will get people to comply and are not as strict as rules .  You want results. Period.  Especially if you are working with people or managing them.  Heck, you can be running solo but eventually you’ll outsource some of the workload.  If some task gets questioned I certainly encourage receiving suggestions, but you’ll be glad when you have polices set in place once your business is up-and-running.

Here are the steps to implement a new policy or change an existing one: Continue reading