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  • How to make a sales funnel site without monthly fees

    A sales funnel is the bartering method for the contemporary millennial era.

  • How to increase system font size in Mojave OS

    Upgrading your Mac OS can be a pain with many frustrations, quite the opposite of what an upgrade should do. While several internet articles describe issues with text clarity aka “blurry” (, https://, my issue was with text size as the default settings seems smaller than Sierra, which I had previously running on my Mac. So here’s how you can… read more

  • Make a Public Channel Private in Telegram

    If you use telegram, there’s a possibility you will create your own channel for numerous reasons. Personally, I found it useful for a place to take notes and have them accessible via the phone app and the desktop app. The content is always synched kind of like Evernote. I also started a channel for digital investing including cryptocurrencies.  Telegram’s popularity… read more

  • Is Coinbase Safe to Link Bank Account? Only this way…

    Notice: Each ATM does not work the same if they are made by different companies. Pros: Easy, fast, no registration (coinme), only ID, SMS Cons: Expensive, overpriced Bitcoin rate, not anonymous, withdraw option not available If you’re like me, you’re kicking yourself for ignoring Bitcoin and sleeping on it as they say. It’s okay not to be an early adopter… read more

  • Automatically Write a Changelog to a Github Repo

    A software project may undergo a lot of changes during its life cycle. Each change might be a bug fix, a new feature or deprecation of existing features. All these changes made to a project must be logged somewhere for future reference. A project changelog is documentation that maintains a record of all such changes made to a software project.… read more

  • Upcoming Changes in jQuery 3

    jQuery has been going strong and steady but is no longer as popular as it used to be. It’s still good for beginners to use but there are many alternatives nowadays. One major change in jQuery v2 was the removal of IE8 support and now we’re about to have version 3.0 Before 3.0, version 2.2 was released February 22, 2016 which… read more

  • Jabber Keyboard Shortcuts

    If you’re using the instant messaging application Jabber by Cisco, it is likely that you are also working and need a quick way to switch between tasks without using your mouse. Here are the top keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity, or at lease prevent you from moving the mouse. Note: CMD = means the command/apple key Opt = means… read more

  • New Directives in AngularJS 1.3

    In October 2013, AngularJS officially released version 1.3 and on top of that are discussions about significant changes in version 2,  which is a long way from production-ready so don’t even look into it.  I’m sure it will change several times considering that the feedback has been negative.  However 1.3 has a lot of positives which includes performance improvements, removed support for IE8,… read more

  • Express.js vs Sails.js Comparison

    This is an overview comparing Node.JS frameworks including Express, Sails, HAPI and Lazo.js. Express is clearly the most popular currently version 4 at the time of this writing.   The next framework gaining popularity is Sails currently at version 0.10 with 124 code contributors since its inception in 2012.  Sails is not an independent framework on its own, because it uses… read more

  • Developing Responsive Web Applications with AJAX and jQuery Review

    Book available for puchase at You can develop web applications in so many ways and this book teaches you how with the most popular front-end library, jQuery and AJAX. Initially I was excited to find out if it’s possible to build a responsive web application only with jQuery and Ajax, but you still need a back-end. In this case,… read more