November 19

Why You Shouldn’t Write About Your Own Product

After taking copywriting courses. I realized the true potential of marketing through copywriting. I was kind of against it because I believed it was fake and full of lies (sometimes it is). There’s even a popular book called “Marketers are Liars” by Seth Godin.

Like the 80/20 principle, the sell of a product consists of 80% marketing and 20% is the product. Think about it, when was the last time you purchased a non-necessity item, without reading about it first? I remember strictly reading the technical specifications of products and ignoring all other text during a purchase. However these were non-necessary products which didn’t satisfy the basic human desires.

The principles of copywriting are based on eight human desires commonly in which human beings are biologically programmed. They are:

  1. Life and Survival
  2. Indulgence of food and beverage
  3. Feeling of Security
  4. Intimate Companionship
  5. Feeling of Ease & Comfort
  6. Feeling Superior and being on top
  7. Caring of Loved Ones
  8. Feeling of Social Proof

With these in mind, writers will evoke those emotions from the reader and relate it to the product or service. It is not collegiate level writing but rather simple-worded phrases in a easy to read layout. It sounds counter-intuitive for the intelligent reader but it depends on the product and which audience it’s targeting. Studying psychology is very helpful for copywriting proven by consumer behavior researchers. This topic can get deeper but I like the “keep it simple” principle.

In the recent years I’ve been a absorbing sponge for the self-help industry reading many how-to books, videos, interviews, and attending seminars. This is where the basic human desires to be superior applies and copywriting works. For those with uncertainty and doubts, it is the responsibility of the writer to satisfy your analyzing behavior for a final decision. Other principles apply to make a sale other than copywriting such as social proof, concrete evidence, and an emotional story. But these are off-tangent and another topic. Out of the products I’ve purchased only a marginal few that had incongruent copy, those of which I contacted the seller and received some concession. The others were obviously done correctly and kept their word.

For those whom have a great product, focus on marketing through copywriting. It can be powerful on a psychological level if done appropriately.

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