January 15

Integrate PayPal Button with Contact Form in WordPress

[UPDATE: 04/01/2015 Paypal re-direct revision. Added test form with auto-redirect after form submission.]
[UPDATE: 10/26/2013 Addition of the ‘on_set_ok’ action handler for the “Additional Settings” section.]

This is a tutorial I wrote to demonstrate how you can add a PayPal button to a WordPress site by integrating it with a contact form.

It works by allowing the visitor to submit a form and having the Paypal button appear automatically. The updated version, re-directs to your paypal payment page instead.

I’ve seen too many websites that offer a service with no request from the user and only a payment.  We know you want to get paid for your service, but most likely you need some input from a client. This is how to improve your payment process.

The requirements are: WordPress, Contact 7 form plug-in, and PayPal.
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