February 6

Hacking a Website to See Hidden Content

Have you searched online to find answers but when you find a website with the answer it requires you to login or have a membership account?  That’s a clear tactic to convert a visitor to a member of that website.  Even though I agree it is a useful tactic, but it’s usually executed poorly such as during the first visit of that website.  It’s really annoying when you just want to see that one single page and could care less about any other content.  I am going to show you how to how to remove the overlay so you can read the hidden page content.

First I can tell you based on usability design here is an example of a well executed overlay window.  Glassdoor.com provides great content for free but requires registration and participating to see more.  The reason I think Glassdoor makes good use of this and offers a good user-experience is because it does not require registration upon the initial page visit.  But rather on a second or consecutive page visits of specific areas such as the review.  (Screenshot Bel0w)

This appeared on the third page within Glassdoor.com  Now here is an example of a poorly executed mandatory registration overlay window on Quora.com

white overlay blocking


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