November 16

New Directives in AngularJS 1.3

In October 2013, AngularJS officially released version 1.3 and on top of that are discussions about significant changes in version 2,  which is a long way from production-ready so don’t even look into it.  I’m sure it will change several times considering that the feedback has been negative.  However 1.3 has a lot of positives which includes performance improvements, removed support for IE8, and new directives.  Here’s a basic summary:

  • One-time bindings
  • npm installer
  • ngModelOptions – tuning of model updates
  • ngMessages – form validity
  • ngARIA – Accessible Rich Internet Applications
  • No IE8 Support

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July 3

1 Hour Crash Course in AngularJS

Have you thought about learning AngularJS, but find all the examples just too basic?

I did too!  I spent an entire week (full-time) during my vacation to break open AngularJS and see what’s possible.   What I came up with as a demo is a quiz where you can type in questions and answers, then play the questions one at a time to test yourself.  Here’s the curated content to spend 7 days learning AngularJS.

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