May 15

AB Split Testing scripts for websites

There are several big name services for split testing website and they are all services which you have to pay a monthly fee.  Would you want a script you could install on your websites that can give you metrics just for 2 pages?

This script I designed work using javascript and php.  You can have two versions of an index.php file such as index1.php and index2.php.  One of the two files is randomly rendered upon visit, a timer starts, and any time the visitor clicks a link, button, or exits the page, an entry is recorded.  This entry includes amount of time the user has been on the page and which link or button was clicked.

You can even choose to show the same page version to returning visitors which is done by a cookie.  The results page shows you two columns per day or per cumulative time with the following:

  • Click through rate
  • Total visits
  • Amount of links clicked
  • Average visit duration
  • Amount of new visitors
  • Amount of returning visitors
  • Amount of bounces

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