August 21


My name is Tom Rutka. I am a web developer specializing in front-end user interaction of software applications.

After studying startups and entrepreneurship, I can tell you it is a lot of hard work and dedication.  Many people seem to think they can make the next best software application just because they have a great idea, but they rarely realize how much effort it involves.  To actually figure out if the software can solve a problem and a market exists  to pay for it, you have to talk to the market, find the pain points, test, and iterate – a lot!

If you are unfamiliar with marketing, Seth Godin is definitely a good source to learn about the evolution of marketing.  When it comes to startups, there are two parts: the product or service and the brand identity.
-The product is the technical thing that is developed most likely digital or online.
-The brand identity is what communicates and markets the idea and benefit of the startup to others.

You have to have both aspects for your startup that is why you commonly find two individuals involved, one person is the technical developer while the other person is the business and marketing expert.  If you seek angel investors like Time Ferris or Y Combinator, you will notice it is favorable to have a business partner for support and motivation.

Now that we are hopefully on the same page, the fact is initiating and putting gears in motion is the toughest part to  get a startup going.  I can help you with this and kickstart your startup with my web development skills.  I know timing is crucial and budgets are low due to bootstrapping so I provide quick turn-arounds at nominal prices.

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